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If you like to write poems and you know a little about Greek and Roman mythology and the Olympian gods, Tapestry of Bronze is having their Fall 2009 Contest.  The subject is Demeter, A.K.A – Ceres, the Goddess of the Harvest.

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2009.

E-mail your poem (no more than 30 lines) to the following address: tapestryofbronze@yahoo.com   

Do not e-mail any ATTACHMENTS! Paste the poem into the e-mail instead. Don’t get fancy with your formatting.  Don’t add pictures and only use standard fonts.  YAAGroupg member, you can find this information in the “Members Only” part of the www.Yaagroup.org site.

MAKE SURE your poem is about Demeter / Ceres. 

Please include your real name. Make sure we can respond to your e-mail. Please include your birthdate.

No cost enter, but you can only enter once.

The first prize winner in the Under 18 age group will receive $50. Honorable Mentions may be awarded as well, but without cash prizes.  If no poem is of sufficient quality, no prizes will be awarded.

Good luck!

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