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Next Step Teen Writing Contest

No age limit mentioned on this, but it appears to be for high school students.

You could get published in Next Step magazine.

Here’s the link:  http://www.nextstepmagazine.com/nextstep/teen-contests.aspx

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Anthem Essay Contest

17th Annual Essay Contest on Ayn Rand’s Novelette, Anthem

For 8th, 9th and 10th Graders

Deadline:  March 20, 2010

Cash Awards:

First Prize:  $2,000
5 Second Prizes:  $500
10 Third Prizes:  $200
45 Finalists:  $50
175 Semi-Finalists:  $30


Select ONE of the following three topics:

  1. Why do you think the Council of Vocations assigns Equality the job of Street Sweeper? Is it due to error, incompetence or a more sinister motivation? Explain.
  2. The old locks and lack of guards in the Palace of Corrective Detention indicate that prisoners never try to escape. Why do you think they do not? Explain.
  3. In a single, unified essay, explain the meaning and wider significance of EACH of the following quotes in the story:
  1. “To be free, a man must be free of his brothers.” (Ch. 12)
  2. “It is the mind which thinks, and the judgment of my mind is the only searchlight that can find the truth.” (Ch. 11)
  3. “And we thought that we could trust this being who looked upon us from the stream, and that we had nothing to fear with this being.” (Ch. 8)

For details: Ayn Rand Institute

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The Summer Academy is the definitive program for talented and motivated high school students intent on a fine arts education.  If the visual arts are your passion and you are headed toward art school or wish to pursue an art degree in college, the Summer Academy can help you develop your artistry and skill, and make you more competitive.


  • Rigorous, college-level studio courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking
  • An exceptional faculty of regular Academy instructors and professional, practicing artists who will inspire and challenge
  • Field trips to the museums and galleries of Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C., including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, MoMA, P.S. 1 and the National Gallery of Art
  • Visits to artists’ studios to learn first-hand how they develop ideas, create art and build their careers
  • In-depth information sessions on applying to art school and preparing a portfolio
  • The opportunity to earn four college-level credits
  • An exhibition of student work, complete with a reception and awards ceremony for family and friends held in Gallery 128, which features the artwork of PAFA students, faculty and alumni

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Summer Program

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First prize $50, second prize $35, third prize $20 in each
category. Maximum length for all poems 20 lines. Three
categories: grades 7-12 for specific themed poems, grades
7-9 for any subject and any style, grades 10-12 again for
any subject and any style. Must be a California resident.
Deadline February 27, 2010.


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Education Unlimited - Emerging Writers Institute

Emerging Writers Institute creative writing camp is a two-week summer writing program for teens. Rising 10th-12th graders experience a unique curriculum designed to develop and support students’ imaginative writing across literary genres. This creative writing summer program encourages students to challenge themselves technically and artistically through guided daily writing workshops, one-on-one instructor evaluations, group editing sessions, and creative presentations of their work. Moreover, the participants in the program will be uniquely positioned to profit from the literary culture of Berkeley and the greater Bay Area. By the program’s conclusion, students will produce and perfect quality pieces suitable for publication in their own literary magazine and professional teen publications.

Emerging Writers Institute

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Schubmehl-Prein Prize


Will be awarded to a student who is a high school junior in academic year 2009-2010.  The first-place award is $1,000, the second-place award is $500, and the third-place award is $250.  Winning entries are traditionally published in the Association for Computing Machinery’s Computers and Society online magazine. The topic for the 2010 competition
is – What Should Individual Privacy Rights Be With Respect To Services Such As “Street View”?

Students who are in their junior year of high school in the 2009-2010 academic year and in the top one-fifth of their class are eligible to enter. A letter from the school principal or other appropriate administrator certifying the junior standing and academic rank should be submitted with the essay. The maximum length of the main body of an essay should be limited to approximately 2,500 words, or ten pages. A figure or table taking one page should be counted as 250 words.


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They are looking for the very best material by students (ages
8–16). Material may include cartoons, songs, stories between
500 and 1200 words, puzzles, photographs, artwork, games,
editorials, poetry, and plays, as well as any other creative
work that can fit in the pages of the magazine. Students
submitting accepted material will receive a free copy of the
Creative Kids issue in which their work appears. Creative Kids
reserves the right to edit submissions.


If you like to write and want to write better, visit www.YAAGroup.org and think about joining.

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