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Baker’s Plays offers a playwriting competition for High School students.  Plays may be about any subject and of any length.

Submissions must be postmarked no later than January 31th, 2011.  $500 first prize.

Details are at:  Baker’s Plays High School Playwriting Contest


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Highlights Fiction Contest

Highlights Magazine is sponsoring a fiction contest for those ages 16 and up.  The contest is for short works of fiction up to 750 words, although the word count for stories for beginning readers is 475 words.  Stories must be postmarked between January 1 and January 31, 2010.

Category is Fiction involving an embarrassing moment.

Details are here.


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Information about the Kenyon (College) Review Young Writers Workshop:

From their website:

Young Writers is an intensive two-week workshop for intellectually curious, motivated high-school students who value writing. Our goal is to help students develop their creative and critical abilities with language—to become better, more productive writers and more insightful thinkers. For more than eighteen years, Young Writers has provided a lively, supportive environment where students can stretch their talents, discover new strengths, and challenge themselves in the company of peers who share their interests.

Writer Under a Tree

Young Writers takes place at Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, a leading liberal-arts college renowned for its tradition of literary study. The program is sponsored by The Kenyon Review, one of the country’s preeminent literary magazines.

This is for ages 16-18. Summer 2011 Dates: Session I: June 26-July 9.

Session II: July 17-30.

For more information: http://www.kenyonreview.org/workshops-ywinfo.php


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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All Our Young Writer and Artist Friends!

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Write2Ignite! Conference for Christian Writers of
Children’s Literature

Feb. 18-19, 2011 at North Greenville University, Tigerville, S.C.
Featuring a special Teen Track for young authors.
Scholarships available. For more information or to
register, visit https://www.write2ignite.com/Home_Page.php

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From the New York Times:

When Jacob Lewis helped create the beta version of the Web siteFigment with Dana Goodyear, a staff writer at The New Yorker, Mr. Lewis envisioned it as a sort of literary Facebook for the teenage set.

“I really went into it and thought, ‘We’ll be the social network for young-adult fiction,’ ” said Mr. Lewis, a former managing editor of The New Yorker. “But it became clear early on that people didn’t want a new Facebook.”

The young people on the site weren’t much interested in “friending” one another. What they did want, he said, “was to read and write and discover new content, but around the content itself.”

Figment.com will be unveiled on Monday as an experiment in online literature, a free platform for young people to read and write fiction, both on their computers and on their cellphones. Users are invited to write novels, short stories and poems, collaborate with other writers and give and receive feedback on the work posted on the site.

Read the rest here: Web Site for Teenagers with Literary Leanings


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The Blue Pencil Online, the magazine edited and produced by students in the Writing and Publishing Program at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts, offers the Elizabeth Bishop Prize, a unique prize of a $15,000 scholarship to the school for the best piece of writing in fiction, verse, or playwriting submitted to the magazine.  For those in grades 8-11.  (Student must apply and be accepted to the school to receive the scholarship.)

Deadline: Submissions made to the magazine between October 1, 2010 and February 1, 2011, will be considered.

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Creative Kids Magazine is looking from submissions from young authors and illustrators, age 8-16.

Here’s a link to their Writers’ and Artists’ Guidelines:  http://www.prufrock.com/client/client_pages/prufrock_jm_ck_wg.cfm

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Make Us Laugh! Contest

From Merlyn’s Pen:


Start Date November 1, 2010
End Date December 31, 2010
Eligibility Students in grades 6-12 or homeschool or international equivalent. Entry is free, at merlynspen.org


There’s an old saying: Laughter is the best medicine. When we laugh, we forget our troubles and our pains. Writing about growing up helps us recall events that challenged, scared, confused or even shocked us. Hmmmthat doesn’t sound like fun. Yet when writing about life-changing events, don’t we sometimes find ourselves smiling, even laughing, and acknowledging some “good” that resulted?  If they lead to nothing else, these memories can lead to a story — often a story others will enjoy hearing.  Merlyn’s Pen and its online readers want to hear your story!


This contest seeks humorous stories — nonfiction (“true” stories) up to 750 words — about an event that taught you something important, that changed or shaped your understanding of yourself, your friends, your family, or the world.


Personal narratives (nonfiction and creative nonfiction) up to 750 words are welcome. Up to two entries per person, submitted separately,  are welcome: each will receive its own confirmation and tracking code. Please do not send fiction, poetry, dramatic scripts, or song lyrics.


Entries must be submitted electronically before midnight (EST) December 31, 2010, at the Submit Your Writing page at http://www.merlynspen.org. Confirmation of your entry is immediate, and each writer receives a personal “tracking” code to follow his or her submission as it moves among editors. There is no entry fee.


Student writers in grades 6-12 or the home-school or international equivalent are welcome to enter. Entry is free.


Winning entries will be picked from two divisions: High school (grades 9-12 or equivalent) and Middle School (grades 6-8 or equivalent).

For more information:  http://www.merlynspen.org/contentmgr/showdetails.php/id/43199

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One way to get an idea for a story is to look at the classics and see if you can retell that story in a different time period, or to use those characters in a new way.

Think about it. Cinderella has been told a thousand times. And the Percy Jackson series is based on the Greek gods. Meg Cabot’s story Avalon High is a contemporized version of the legend of Arthur, Camelot, and Avalon.

Here’s a link to a site that has lots of information about Greek, Celtic, Norse, and other myths.

Perhaps reading through them will get your creative juices flowing!

Timeless Myths:  http://www.timelessmyths.com/

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