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This contest takes place in 2012. I’m mentioning it now because the sponsors hope to get schools, libraries, and authors involved.

From their website:

The Charles Dickens 2012 Writing Challenge for Young People

Essay Competition

In 2012 young people will be invited to write a story in the spirit of the work of Charles Dickens highlighting the plight of young people less privileged than most in the world today.

The Challenge will be made through the media, schools, and/or libraries for young people aged 11-14 years. Stories should be a maximum of 500 words. A certificate will be awarded to each young person taking part in the competition and book tokens awarded to outstanding stories. It is hoped to get high profile personalities involved in the Challenge.

By taking part in the Challenge in the bicentenary year of Charles Dickens’ birth young people will be able to compare the social injustices written about by Dickens and the social injustices occurring today and look at what is being done to address these injustices. Young people will also be able to compare ideals found in Dickens’ works with ideals in the Olympic movement.

A Resource/Education Pack will be produced to comply with relevant Key Stages of the National Curriculum.

Young People will have the opportunity to broaden and use imaginative vocabulary by drawing on their own experience of reading. They will learn to choose a structure and language to achieve particular effects and organize material to convey ideas, themes, and characters. They will learn the importance of writing with commitment, developing their own style and evaluate the way in which language is used. Reading classical texts, in addition to contemporary text, will enable them to explore social and moral issues.

The challenge will introduce young people, and all those who will inevitably get involved, to the extraordinary work of Charles Dickens. They may even be tempted to ask for more!


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For Grades 6-9.

American Geological Institute is sponsoring an essay contest to celebrate Earth Science Week 2011. The essay theme for this year is: “How Change Shapes Our Planet.”

The essay contest is open to any interested person in grades 6-9. You must be a resident of the United States to enter.

What is the subject of the essay?

Your essay should focus on the topic “How Change Shapes Our Planet.”

Write a brief essay explaining how interactions among Earth systems – geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere – change our planet over time. How do people gather evidence of change and study its effects? How are humans’ lives affected by these changes? What role do people play in the processes of change on our planet?

How long should the essay be?

The essay must be no more than 300 words. Longer essays will be rejected unread.

Deadline is October 14.

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