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You can add details and authenticity to your writing by calling on experts for information.  I used to think this meant interviewing psychiatrists and lawyers.  But I’ve discovered that anyone can be an expert. 

For example, if you want to write about The Beatles, an expert might be your neighbor who was a huge Beatle fan back in the day.  If your neighbor was a Beatles fan she likely knows their songs and maybe even went to a concert sometime along the way.

So imagine yourself and your neighbor sitting in your living room while she tells you about security at a Beatles concert.  Or maybe you’re at her kitchen table and she’s pulling out concert ticket stubs and Beatles posters.

Your research just got interesting!

Of course, experts aren’t always living next door, so a writer often has to contact strangers for information. I’ve called people who once had polio, talked to a funeral director in a graveyard after a burial service, and sent emails to the websites of botanical gardens and mental hospitals.  In every case, I’ve gotten enthusiastic help.

I used to be shy about approaching strangers but I’m learning that people who know a lot about a particular subject are thrilled to share their knowledge with me.  And the really neat thing is that one expert usually needs to another. Research is a never-ending adventure!

So, if you need information to write a story or article, be brave – send an email, pick up the phone, or knock on a neighbor’s door. Someone’s sure to be on the other side waiting to help.

Joyce Moyer Hostetter

Author, Historical Fiction

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Taken from Jerry & Eileen Spinelli’s new book, TODAY I WILL: A Year of Quotes, Notes, and Promises to Myself.

Jerry Spinelli – www.jerryspinelli.com

Eileen Spinelli – www.eileenspinelli.com

Jerry and Eileen will be answering questions right here at the Young Authors and Artists Group, so please send in  your questions for Jerry and Eileen.  Join the YAAGroup at www.yaagroup.org/join.htm

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Four more authors join the YAAGroup’s Author Panel. 

Jerry Spinelli – Author of MANIAC MAGEE, WRINGER, STARGIRL, MILKWEED, to name a few of his 26 books has agreed to join the author panel.

Eileen Spinelli – Author of 56 children’s books is a great addition to the panel. 

Ellen Hopkins –  Author of 26 children’s books.  Known for her NY Times Bestselling novels-in-verse.

Karma Wilson  – Author of 30 picture books.  She writes a Bear series published by Simon & Schuster.  Even if you are a teen, you should take a look at BEAR SNORES ON.  It can teach you a lot about writing in rhyme.

Visit: www.yaagroup.org to check out all the authors on the panel.

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Four very talented authors join YAAGroup’s Author panel this week:

David L Harrison – Author of 80 children’s books

Diane Dawson Hearn – Author/illustrator of 50 children’s books

Dianne Ochiltree – Author of 8 children’s books

Kristin Clark Venuti – Debut Author of Leaving the Bellweathers.

Please check back for other authors and illustrators.  Visit our website http://www.YAAGroup.org

If you are an author who would like to be considered for our Author Panel please click http://www.YAAGroup.org/AuthorPanelFormA.pdf and e-mail to:  panel@YAAGroup.org

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