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Like Poetry?

Have you been to Poet David L. Harrison’s website?

He’s the author of more than 70 books, and he has a regular poetry contest for kids.

Check out his website:  http://www.davidlharrison.com/

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Author Joyce Hostetter

Author Joyce Hostetter writes historical fiction.

Visit her website to see information on her books, and follow her blog to learn about her writing process.


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Eileen Spinelli’s Website

Have you been to author Elieen Spinelli’s website?

Do you know she’s written close to 50 books?


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Jerry Spinelli’s Website

Have you read any of Jerry Spinelli’s books? Do you like them?

Here’s a link to his website:   http://www.jerryspinelli.com/newbery_002.htm

All kinds of fun stuff there, including starting a Stargirl Society!

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