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KIKI http://www.kikimag.com/submit/submit.php#.T1z-j_WaSK4 

Do you have the writer’s bug? Or are you a shutterbug with some great photos to share with other Kiki readers? Or an artist or designer waiting to be published and discovered? At Kiki, we love to see what our readers are doing, and we’re sure that Kiki readers want to see what you’ve been working on, too. Whatever your creative talent, submit your work to Kiki. Send us your illustrations, artwork, photos, or articles, and one of your creative masterpieces might end up being featured in the magazine!

If you’re over 14 years old, go ahead and upload your submission. If you’re under 14, you can send us whatever you have to Kiki Reader Submissions at 118 W Pike St, Covington, KY 41011. It all goes to the same place! But remember, if you’re under 14, an adult can always upload your information for you. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Email your submission to submissions@kikimag.com

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Young writers under the age of 24 are urged to enter the competition to share in $5,500 in prize money and have the opportunity to be published online and in the December issue of Voiceworks, Express Media’s literary quarterly.  The first place winner of the Short Story prize will receive $3,000 (18-24) and the winner of the poetry prize wins $1,500 (18-24). First place winners of both the Poetry and the Short story prize (under 18) receive $500 each.

Deadline August 31, 2011.

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Creative Kids Writers’ and Artists’ Guidelines

Please follow these instructions carefully. The editors will not review or respond to materials that are improperly submitted. Improper submissions will be discarded.

  • We are looking for the very best material by students (ages 8–16). Material may include cartoons, songs, stories between 500 and 1200 words, puzzles, photographs, artwork, games, editorials, poetry, and plays, as well as any other creative work that can fit in the pages of the magazine.
  • All work must be original. Upon acceptance of a work, we will request that a legal guardian sign our standard contract granting copyright permission. The contract will be mailed with notification of acceptance.
  • Work may be submitted by the author, parent, or teacher. Each piece must be labeled with the child’s name, birthday, grade, school, and home address, and must include a cover letter.
  • Each entry should be sent in its own envelope via first class mail. Do not send more than one submission in each envelope. Teachers, please do not send more than 3 submissions in each envelope.
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a response. Do not seal the SASE. Submissions without a SASE will not be considered. Submissions will not be returned. Teachers, please include a SASE for each piece of work submitted.
  • All submissions must be typed on 8 1/2 x 11-inch white paper. Use only one side of each sheet. Include student’s name at the top of each page.
  • Materials submitted should not be under consideration by any other publisher.
  • Items should be carefully prepared and proofread. All activities requiring solutions must be accompanied by the correct answers.
  • Illustrations, cartoons, comics, and other graphic items should be completed in black ink and/or felt pens. We also accept color copies of paintings, watercolors, colored pencil sketches, collages, and other artwork. If artwork is mounted, it must be on flexible board. Names should be printed on the back of the artwork or photograph—not on the front.
  • Keep a copy of any work submitted. When sending artwork, send a color copy of the material. Creative Kids will solicit the original work if it is accepted for publication.
  • We only accept gloss-finished photographs (no Polaroids). Digital photographs printed on high-quality glossy photo paper are acceptable.
  • Students submitting accepted material will receive a free copy of the Creative Kids issue in which their work appears. Creative Kids reserves the right to edit submissions.
  • Mail all materials to Submissions Editor, Creative Kids, P.O. Box 8813, Waco, TX 76714-8813. Creative Kids cannot be responsible for losses in the mail or for damage due to faulty packaging.

See details at website: http://www.prufrock.com/client/client_pages/prufrock_jm_ck_wg.cfm

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We’ve added an interview with Patricia Roesch, editor of Magic Dragon children’s magazine to the members’ section of www.YAAGroup.org.

Magic Dragon, a quarterly publication, presents writing and art created by children in the elementary school grades in a magazine of quality four-color printing and graphic display.

For more information:   http://www.magicdragonmagazine.com/

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The YAAGroup.org recently interviewed Arun Toke, the editor of Skipping Stones.

Skipping Stones is a nonprofit magazine for youth that encourages communication, cooperation, creativity and celebration of cultural and environmental richness. It provides a playful forum for sharing ideas and experiences among youth from different countries and cultures. They are an ad-free, ecologically-aware magazine. They publish five bimonthly issues during the school year.

Founded in 1988, Skipping Stones is a timely and timeless award-winning resource in multicultural education. Skipping Stones publishes bimonthly during the school year. They accept art and original writings in every language and from all ages.

In a typical issue of Skipping Stones, you will find poems, stories, articles and photos from many regions of the United States and the world: Native American folktales, photos from kids in India or the Ukraine, letters and drawings from South Africa and Lithuania, cartoons from China, and more might await you. Each issue also contains book reviews, news, and a guide for parents and teachers. Non-English writings are accompanied by English translations to encourage the learning of other languages.

Submission information is available at:  http://www.skippingstones.org/submissions.htm

The entire interview is available in the members’ section of  the YAAGroup.org.

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There’s a new interview up in the Members’ Section.  We talked to Lacy Compton, Editor of Creative Kids Magazine.

Creative Kids magazine is the nation’s largest magazine by and for kids. The magazine bursts with games, stories, and opinions all by and for kids ages 8–14.  It contains brain teasers, contests, stories, artwork, poetry, pen pals, mysteries, and more.

Creative Kids publishes four issues a year.  They’re looking for submissions from kids ages 8-16.  The magazine began as the project of a husband and wife team in the 1980s. Prufrock Press, Inc.  acquired it in 1994 and began revamping the magazine immediately. It’s undergone several revisions to get to its current state, which incorporates a lot of visually appealing graphic design and more serious stories and poems to try to appeal to kids today.

To read the interview, visit the members’ section of the YAAGroup.org.

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