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Every Month David L Harrison puts out a Word of The Month and young adults and adults submit their poems.  At the end of month the winners are announced.  Due to the holidays, we are just posting the winners from Mr. Harrison’s November Contest.  Tomorrow we will post the second place winner, so please stop back.  The word for the month was Thankful. 


Everyday I wake
I give thanks
To see the sun rise
I give thanks
For a family that is wise
I give thanks
Life, health, and strength
Nothing but thanks
To the one up above

By La’ Joi Word
Crescent City Jr Sr High School
10th Grade
Crescent City, FL
Teacher: Lisa Martino

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Cool water bubbles in a spring,
The pool is visited by Nature’s King.

The cougar with his soft tan fur,
Compliments it with a rumbling purr.

The water is so cool and sweet,
So it is where the small birds meet.

Cardinals and blue jays sing their delight,
The water aids them in trouble or plight.

Thirst is quenched, lives are saved,
The water is what the newcomers craved.

Traveling moose stop and drink,
As well as small children with cheeks that are pink

The spring was a miracle for all of the creatures,
A wonder, with all the life saving features.

Its cool water helped the dying and sick,
The moon reflected on it like a flame upon a candle wick.

Does with their fawns come for a drink,
As they taste it their hearts don’t sink.

In fact, they soar, they leap, they fly,
When their run is over they heave a sigh.

The spring had nourished their already warm

But not just that. It helped the other parts.

By: Taylor M

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By Priya 7th Grade

Everyday, I look at
your face before I left
for a tiring day at work.
Sometimes I came home
a little bit early so I
could spend a few extra
minutes with you.

When you grew up
and left home to get a
good job, I wrote a letter
to you every day saying
how much I missed you,
but I never got a reply.

In the few times I talked
to you on the phone, you
always said, “I have no time
to visit soon, but I’ll try.”
You never came.

I waited and waited
to see not only you, but
your child running around,
and I waited and waited
to have a chance to go
and chase after him, but
you never came.

After my body began to
weaken, I sent one, last
letter that said, “I spent
my whole life wishing to
have just one glance at
you, only one, to know
that my little boy has
grown up.

I needed just one glance
to spend the rest of my
life in peace. I needed
just one glance to know
that my son was okay,
and happy.

I never lost hope
that some day you
would come and meet me.
I wish I could have come to
meet you, but my health was
so terrible that I didn’t have
the strength to come.

Son, by the time you read
this letter, I will no longer
be part of your busy world.
I waited and waited for you
until, finally, death knocked
At the door.

“I hope you have
A great life. You and your
darling family have my
blessings. Try not to miss
Me too much,”

These old bones perished
after seventy-four long
years of loneliness.
Looking down from above,
I spot my beloved son
regretting his action.
At least now I can,
finally, see him.

Congratulations, Priya!

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The winner of November’s word inspired poem is 7th grader Claire S.  She has won a free membership to the Young Authors and Artists Group.

Congratulations – Claire!

Tomorrow we will post the second place winner and the next day we will post the third place winner.  Perhaps you will decide to enter David L Harrison’s December Poem of the Month inspired by the word – Bones.

Here is Claire’s Poem:

Thanks for Nothing

Thanks for not being there,
when I needed you most.
Thanks for not answering me,
when I had questions.
Thanks for not helping me,
when I needed a hand.
Thanks for not understanding,
when I needed to be understood.
Thanks for not believing in me,
when I needed to beleive.
Thanks for not loving me,
when I needed warmth and care.
Thanks for everything
that you haven’t done.
Thanks for nothing.

By Claire S. – 7th grade

Join the fun at:  http://www.davidlharrison.wordpress.com

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