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Youth Wildlife Art Contest

The National Rifle Association is accepting entries for its 2010 George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest. The contest is open to students in grades 1 through 12 (including home-schooled children). NRA membership is not required. The deadline to enter is November 1, 2010.

Winners in each grade category will receive 750. Second-place finishers will receive $500, and the third-place award will be $250. A prize of $1000 will also be awarded for Best In Show.

Entries may be submitted in one of four categories, based on school grade. Category I includes grades 1 through 3. Category II is for grades 4 through 6. Category III covers grades 7 through 9, and Category IV includes grades 10 through 12. Entries may portray any North American game bird or animal that may be legally hunted or trapped. Endangered species and non-game animals, such as eagles and snakes, are not eligible subjects.

Details are here: Youth Wildlife Art Contest

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Here’s a contest for “Animal Rescue: fans age 16 and under. Send drawings of your favorite animals.

They select one drawing every month to post on their website. The winner receives an official “Animal Rescue” Prize Package.

Details are here:  http://www.animalrescuetv.com/kids-art.shtml

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Perspective is a technique artists use to depict distance and three-dimensional depth on the two-dimensional surface of their paintings.

If you look down a straight road, you will notice the road gets narrower and smaller until it finally disappears.  This point at the end of the road is called the vanishing point.  It has been used in art, since the 1400’s in Florence, Italy, when artists realized this added realism to their paintings.

Members of the YAAGroup will find instruction on drawing perspective and projects to work on to improve your artisitc skills.  http://www.yaagroup.org/join.htm

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Show off your talents and win a free membership to www.yaagroup.org

1.  Write a Poem – See post for details http://wp.me/ptrjt-2C

2.  Submit Artwork – See post for details http://wp.me/ptrjt-2t

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Would you like to show off your artistic talents?  Well you have come to the right place. 

artistsmYou don’t have to be a member of the YAAGroup to show off your artwork here. 

This month we are accepting artwork you have done at home or in school. 

Take a picture of your art and e-mail it to: artwork@yaagroup.org

We will post the winners at the end of November and December. 

Stay tuned for lots of exciting contests in 2010.

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