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Taken from Jerry & Eileen Spinelli’s new book, TODAY I WILL: A Year of Quotes, Notes, and Promises to Myself.

Jerry Spinelli – www.jerryspinelli.com

Eileen Spinelli – www.eileenspinelli.com

Jerry and Eileen will be answering questions right here at the Young Authors and Artists Group, so please send in  your questions for Jerry and Eileen.  Join the YAAGroup at www.yaagroup.org/join.htm

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Every story needs a strong main character.

How do you create a good protagonist?

  1. The protagonist is usually the character who has the most to gain—or lose—in the story.
  2. A protagonist doesn’t have to start out being a good guy, but more often than not he becomes heroic by the end, because we like to root for the good guy.
  3. The protagonist should be someone you—and your readers—can like and/or admire.

The protagonist can be a person, an animal, or sometimes it’s even something that isn’t living, like a rock or a stuffed animal.

There’s lots more information on creating characters in the members’ section of the YAAGroup.org

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Look at your writing.   A sentence should contain no unneccessary words and a paragraph no unneccessary sentences.  This does not mean your sentences should be short or that you avoid all detail.  What it does mean is you need to make sure each word adds to your story.

He did not remember, could be simply said – He forgot.

He did not pay attention to, could be said as  – He ignored.

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Attractive Woman with Her BooksIn writing, genre is just a fancy word for categories of books.

A few fiction genres are:  historical, romance, graphic novels, mystery, fantasy, and horror. Genres can be mixed or combined to make a melded genre, like historical fantasy.

There are categories within Nonfiction too.  A few of those are biography, history, science, or animals.

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This is an ongoing essay contest.  Write an essay of 300 words or less describing a true story describing the most difficult decision you’ve had to make choosing between right and wrong.    The current contest ends Dec. 31, 2009, but a new contest will begin January 1, 2010.

Kids Can Do It Contest

Information on lots of other contests is available in the Members Section of the YAAGroup.org.

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Junior contest prize $250 and a trophy. Junior contest writers must be age 12-18 years old.  http://www.clarklibraryfriends.com/dickensjrform.pdf

$5 Entery Fee

They want ghost stories. Any genre, any tone, any subject, whatever type of ghost story you can come up with. The contest is open to published and unpublished writers alike.   The ghost story must be 5,000 words or less. Entry must be postmarked no later than October 1, 2010, but they will start accepting entries beginning July 1, 2010.

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Cool water bubbles in a spring,
The pool is visited by Nature’s King.

The cougar with his soft tan fur,
Compliments it with a rumbling purr.

The water is so cool and sweet,
So it is where the small birds meet.

Cardinals and blue jays sing their delight,
The water aids them in trouble or plight.

Thirst is quenched, lives are saved,
The water is what the newcomers craved.

Traveling moose stop and drink,
As well as small children with cheeks that are pink

The spring was a miracle for all of the creatures,
A wonder, with all the life saving features.

Its cool water helped the dying and sick,
The moon reflected on it like a flame upon a candle wick.

Does with their fawns come for a drink,
As they taste it their hearts don’t sink.

In fact, they soar, they leap, they fly,
When their run is over they heave a sigh.

The spring had nourished their already warm

But not just that. It helped the other parts.

By: Taylor M

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